BKG is a structural engineering firm with clients throughout both Northern and Southern California.  We are a team of highly qualified engineers that have experience with a variety of projects types. We pride ourselves on not only delivering innovative engineering solutions, but also on providing a collaborative environment between each client, design and construction team we work with.

Our Approach. 

Our approach to each project revolves around being: 


We understand the challenges of today’s modern architecture and thrive on finding innovative solutions to every project we undertake.  We hold the architectural vision of a project paramount and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, challenge the team thinking and ultimately deliver the most creative solutions to structural challenges.  We understand that often the right engineering solution is the one you least expect and our creative approach to problem solving is something we pride ourselves on.


We are a service oriented company.  Gone are the days of sending a question out to your engineering team and waiting days, maybe weeks for a response.  We understand that timing is everything in design and construction and our team is committed to responsive working relationships that provide the right answers to the right people at the right time.


Ultimately, the engineer is responsible for the safety of the building occupants and the long-term structural integrity of the building.  Our staff brings a wealth of experience in engineering design and each of our project leads are fully licensed to provide those engineering services throughout California.

Design Firms We’ve Worked With.

Ana Williamson Architect
Andrew Skurman Architects
Arcanum Architecture
Architecture Allure
Ariel Gessler Architects
Atelier Cho Thompson
Backen Gillam Architects
Beckstrom Architecture
Blome Architecture
Box Leaf Design
Butler Armsden Architects
CAW Architects
Charlie Barnett Associates
Chambers & Chambers
CJW Architecture
CKA Architects
Dan Phipps Architect
David Buergler Architecture
David Easton, Architect
Derek Wee Architecture
Dorman Associates
EASA Architecture
Erlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Feldman Architecture
Fergus Garber Young Architects
Gustave Carlson Design
Hart Wright Architects
The Hayes Group
HBV Architecture
Hereld & Ayres Architects
Huang-Iboshi Architecture
Ike Kligerman Barkley
J Maliksi & Associates
John Lum Architecture
John Malick & Associates
Kastrop Group
Klopf Architecture
Libby Raab Architecture

LINEOFFICE Architecture
Lorin Hill, Architect
L’oro designs
Ken Linsteadt Architects
Marre Design Group
Mattingly Thaler Architects
McFall Architecture
Ogawa Fisher Architects
OXB Studio Architects
Pacific Peninsula Group
Randolph Popp, AIA
Red Dot Studio
Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Rockwood Design + Associates, Inc.
Signum Architecture
Simpson Design Group
Soloway Designs, Inc.
Space 4 Architecture
Square Three Design Studios
SRG Architects
Sternberg Benjamin Architects
Stoecker and Northway Architects, Inc.
Studio VARA
Sutro Architects
Taylor Lombardo Architects
Tektive Design
The Shift Group, Inc.
Tobin Dougherty, Architect
Tristan Warren Architect
TRG Architects
Verner Architects
Walker-Warner Architects
William Duff Architects
Young & Borlik Architects
Zak Johnson Architects
Zimmerman Associates